User guide and access to the notification centre

With the new notification process only registered users can submit notifications. One authorised contact person is appointed per marketing authorisation holder. Authorised contact persons can create accounts to submit notifications for themselves and/or for additional users.

Before the introduction of the new notification process on 21 January 2022, an email was send to those who have submitted notifications to the notification centre over the last two years. This e-mail included instructions on how to register an authorised contact person for a marketing authorisation holder and how to create user accounts. If you have not been contacted, please see below how to get access to the notification centre.

Authorised contact person access

One authorised contact person is appointed per marketing authorisation holder. Please send an e-mail containing the following details to

  1. The full name of the authorised contact person
  2. The name of the marketing authorisation holder
  3. E-mail address of the contact person (Please note: business email address, not your personal email).

Please note: following submission and registration, it is not possible to change the name of the marketing authorisation holder. It is therefore important to provide the correct name.

The e-mail address that has been submitted is assigned as the e-mail address of the authorised contact person. The authorised contact person will receive an e-mail containing the account details for the notification centre and a link to a registration form. Via this link the authorised contact person is able to complete the registration. When the registration has been processed, the  authorised contact person will receive an e-mail with a link to a form to register users. Contact persons who will also submit notifications should register themselves as user via this form.

Account type

The authorised contact person can choose between three types of user accounts.

  1. Organisation account
  2. Department account
  3. Personal account

With an organisation or department account it is possible to share the account and password with other users. The notifications made by all users will be presented in the same notification overview of the account, all users can see the notifications submitted by their colleagues. This is less ideal from a security standpoint, but each authorisation holder can decide whether or not to allow this.

With a personal account, each person has their own account. Only their own notifications can be viewed, not those submitted by colleagues.

Marketing authorisation holders can make their own choice from these options.  It is not possible to transfer notifications from one user to another user at a later moment.

How can I change the contact details of the authorised contact person?

Authorised contact persons can change their personal data (including login details). Personal data is stored at two places in the system, i.e. the registration form and “Personal data”. It is important to keep the information identical and up to date. 

You can assign another contact person by changing the name and e-mail address of the account.

How can I change the details of a user account?

A user can change the login name and password. However, it is not recommended to change the username as you are subsequently no longer able to submit notifications.